“boys dig villains” from for afropunk

February 14, 2013
Per my New Year resolution list, I decided that 2013 would be my year of love. It would be the year, I figure out how to date like a grown up instead of dealing with immature men that I have grown far to used to for the majority of my 20s. Diving right into my resolution list, I went on my first date of 2013 with a guy that was very mature, stable, well dressed, and surprisingly funny. 
By: Latanya Barrett, AFROPUNK contributor and
Towards the end of the date, we started talking about one of my favorite topics, comic books! He was surprised that I was so ‘”hip” and “stylish” but was a major graphic novel nerd. In the middle of our conversation he stopped and brought to my attention that I am a “sexy villain hot”. I do not think I have ever been so flattered on a date in all of my life. Seriously. 
This compliment suited for my inner comic nerd, stuck with me for a few days. Is hot comic villain really something that is a compliment? Should I be flattered? What makes female villains so appealing? 
I think what makes the “bad girl” look appealing is the amount of sexy that comes along with being pure evil. In comics typically, the good girl love interest is predictable and a little on the wholesome side. She always has to be rescued and doesn’t really serve any other purposed other than getting rescued. The bad girls are always unpredictable, alluring, and sassy. The villainess tends to take matters into her own hands and can handle her own. Most women at one point or another want to scream sex appeal and independent which usually is the role of the sexy villainess. Wondering how you can achieve a tempting villainess look?
One of my favorite combinations for my lips is MAC Ruby Roo lipstick combined with MAC Love Alert dazzleglass. It’s almost impossible not to have a guy want you to pucker up and make out for hours like you’re in high school again.
For my eyes I usually go for Dior’s liquid eyeliner and Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara. This is a deadly combo but in the best way possible. Give yourself a serious cat eye and bat those lashes ladies!
Needless to say, this guy earned a second date (which hasn’t happened yet but I will be sure to keep you posted) and I will continue to rock my villainess look with pride. With the concept of being a hot villainess in my mind it’s almost like walking around thinking you’re a drag queen. You carry this idea with pride and it helps with the inner confidence that we all have inside of us as women. Who is your favorite female villain you like to unleash from time to time?