talib kweli’s new video for “upper echelon” gets us hype for the new album

January 29, 2013

Talib Kweli is back (again) and this time there’s a video for “Upper Echelon.” It’s a mish-mosh of concert footage and black and white visuals that make you say “whoa” and “dope” at the same damn time, and remind us why we’ve been awaiting for Kweli to bring (back) the fire.

Watch Talib Kweli’s “Upper Echelon” video and tell us what you think.

“Upper Echelon” includes a few shots of Yasiin Bey (formerly and most notably known as Mos Def), who joins his Black Star alum in the video with a few cameo appearances. So what’s the deal with a Black Star reuinon (we’ve all been asking since 2003)? “We were on tour last year… We got some music done, we did a few songs, and we talked about this ‘Aretha Franklin’ mixtape” before getting busy with solo projects.” Says Kweli. So you’re saying there’s a chance…

Prisoner of Conscious, is out April 23.