check out the surprising and awesome debut single from taiwo heard “frontier to eternity” #soundcheck

January 16, 2013

There’s gotta be something in the water in DC. How is that a city which is home to some of the worst humanity has to offer (just mint the damn coin and shut up about the debt ceiling, OK?) has produced some of the most inventive musicians of the last 25 years. DC ex-pat, now based out of LA, Taiwo Heard’s first single “Frontier to Eternity” earns it’s place in the pantheon of DC indie music by being strange and surprisingly catchy.

Taiwo pulls inspiration from 90’s alt and indie mainstays like The Flaming Lips and The Presidents of The United States of America. The track is meticulously constructed from it’s intricate bassline up to the strings. But it’s the trumpet breakdown that really sells the whole thing. The biggest thing Taiwo seems to have taken from the Lips is how to always stay exactly one step ahead of the listener without alienating them. If this is what his debut single sounds like, I can’t wait to hear the full record.

– Words by Nathan Leigh