aláàló (someone has a story) – full movie

January 28, 2013

‘Aláàló (Someone has a Story)’: a short movie directed by David Adeogun, about the African experience in the Western world.
What do you guys think is the rationale behind some of us belittling/making fun of Africans when they come to the US, Europe, etc.?

Adeogun says: “This film is based on several true stories. It documents an honest exploration of African culture, storytelling, technique, and subject matter in a predominantly Western World. The characters serve as their real life counterparts as well as their story counterparts to illicit an allegorical, proverbial, and metaphysical experience. Utilizing unique African storytelling techniques, the dream-like narrative travels through the themes of identity, culture, and connection while touching on universal themes that can give everyone, regardless of culture, a unique experience. Film can transcend entertainment, and become a mirror for the experience of truth. Thank you for watching.”