earl greyhound re-releases their first recordings on vinyl taste it again for the first time! #soundcheck

December 28, 2012

Good news for fans of hard rock/folk/blues band Earl Greyhound! (to the unconverted: I’m worried about you. Are you OK?) It’s been two years since Earl Greyhound’s 2nd full length Suspicious Package, but the intrepid trio are back. Sort of. They’re re-releasing their first recordings from 2003 on vinyl. The 4 song EP Besides Seasides is out today and definitely worth picking up.

The seeds of Earl Greyhound-to-come are already pretty evident on this first EP. Though they’d explore their interests in psychedelia and mix in electronic components more on later recordings, the bluesy riffs and left-field hooks that are the bands’ stock-in-trade are here in abundance. If anything, the EP is more “conventionally poppy” than their later recordings, putting more an emphasis on T-Rex style glam than T-Rex style psychedelia. There’s a distinct indie bent to the whole thing, but on the epic closer “Underneath the Earth” you can almost hear the full grown Earl Greyhound emerge from it’s cocoon, epic psych freak-out in tow.
The EP is certainly designed for fans, with only 250 copies being printed. But it’s more than just the usual “fans-only early recording.” This EP easily stands on its own among Earl Greyhound’s more recent recordings, and is worth it if only for the now un-lost gem “Castaway.”

– Words by Nathan Leigh