afropunk exclusive! stream the dope new single from alt-rock/hip-hop group echo sonic. #soundcheck

December 24, 2012

Long Island based Echo Sonic have been dropping a stream of singles lately and consistently occupying space in my playlist. Their latest is “My Dear Michelle”, a hooky alt-rock song, and we’re proud to hook you up with an exclusive stream.

The song is built from the same pieces as latter-day Red Hot Chilli Peppers (rapped verses, sung choruses, melodic basslines, snaky guitars, preposterously tight drum grooves). But where RHCP hasn’t felt fresh in maybe decades, Echo Sonic pulls it off with a passion and vibrancy that’s undeniably infectious. For sure a big part of it is vocalist Aaron Turner syncopated and surprising turns of phrase. There’s a reason most bands that have sung and rapped vocals have two different people to do each job; they’re actually pretty different skills. It’s surprisingly rare for a vocalist to be as good at one as he is at the other (and in a good way… I suppose on the opposite side of the spectrum you could argue that Ke$ha is “as good” a singer as she is a rapper too…)
Echo Sonic are currently at work on a new record, so stay tuned. I don’t know about you guys but right now this is the record I’m anticipating most in 2013.

– Words by Nathan Leigh