afropunk art: lyric prince’s amazing ink hand-drawn pieces

December 27, 2012

Check out the work of AP community member Lyric Prince. Her work explores the link between unconscious dreams and oftentimes the relentless flow of reality. Several of her works have been recently featured in punk rock publications, such as the Last Word Magazine and Passional Boutique. She currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

Bio: Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Lyric Prince received her Bachelor’s of Arts from Saint Joseph’s University, and is currently studying artistic trends online as a part of her graduate studies in Science, Technology, and Society. Her past experience includes online marketing promotions, website building, and digital painting. She has assisted in producing local art festivals, most recently Battle of The Canvas, Rockers AFROPUNK BBQ Weekend, and Last Word Open Mike. She has also consulted for various South Street art organizations and small businesses by creating websites, as well as helping to build their social media/ online presence.