#throwbackthursday: ode to director/musician/rad-dude don letts!

November 16, 2012

It’s #THROWBACKTHURSDAY and we’re going on a full ode to the director/musician/rad-dude Don Letts! He’s friends with all your favorite musicians (seen above chillin with Bob Marley) and from his films, music videos and bands Letts lets his genius shine through!
One of Don Letts many claims to fame is his directoral and musical affiliation with The Clash, directing videos for The Essential Clash and Making of London Calling: The Last Testament. Letts is also credited with influencing The Clash (amo
ng others) with Reggae-Punk, a style which has since been a dominate in punk music worldwide (pictured above with Mick Jones and Joe Strummer of The Clash)
“It made me immensely proud that my culture was being represented by these guys instead of being lost within self-interpretation. With the Clash it was not white reggae; it was punk and reggae. Their songs brought some of their culture to my culture. Reggae spoke in a language the punks could identify with.” (c) Don Letts

PASS DI DUTCHIE! Did you know Musical Youth’s politically charged video for their hit (about how “dis generation runz di nation) “Pass the Dutchie” was directed by Don Letts?! it’s a conscious-classic and one of our faves.

Don Letts and Micky Jones of the Clash formed Big Audio Dynamite in 1984 and created some truly rocking jams! lets all AHhHhH at “C’mon Every Beatbox”.

In a collaboration with Fred Perry’s Subculture Films, Don Letts has created 6-part mini-doc on London street style, music and culture! check out the first episode here: above: Don Letts interviewing Joe Strummer of The Clash).


A true classic and directed by don letts, check out the clip for the 1997 film Dancehall Queen. A fascinating look at a single mother and stuggling vendor with an alter ego as “Mystery Lady”.