sugar & spikes tattoo feature: obama ink

November 7, 2012

Last night, President Barack Obama won the election and his second term. For many, his presidency continues to inspire our nation to work together towards change. For some Americans, our 44th president is a symbol of hope which they choose to get forever etched to their skin. Check out these Obama tattoos and their permanent supporters!

By Mika Kenyah
CEO of Sugar & Spikes

This beautiful Obama tattoo portrait was done by Peruvian artist, Stefano Alcantara, at Last Rites in New York City, NY. He wonderfully captured the spirit of the president’s laugh with his unique style to realism.

This bright Obama tat is in the classic “OBEY” style. This artwork was 1st created by Shepard Fairey back in Obama’s first campaign.

And here is a black & grey styled version of Obama’s “HOPE” campaign poster.

This supporter opted for getting his name tatted, surrounded by a floral design.

Samantha R. Cook, a 29-year-old Verizon Wireless sales representative underwent 90 minutes of needle pricks to get this Obama tattoo because she believes in what he stands for.

Actor Shemar Moore, declares his support for Obama with a back tattoo that reads Carpe Diem and Obama’s face in the letter “D”.

James Mesidor gets a tattoo of Obama’s face in November 2008 at Murda Ink Tattoos in Queens, N.Y. I bet he is ecstatic on 4 more years!

Inner lip tattoos generally do not last very long but this young woman chose to get Obama’s name tatted inside her lip, for a more private place to express her support.