what’s in your cell phone? activists & artists speak up against “conflict minerals” crisis in the congo

October 17, 2012

In the new video in support of Congo Week, many call the “conflict minerals” crisis a genocide, as over 6 million people have died. Excerpts: “laptops, televisions, (…) iPads, iPhones (…) have an innocent child’s blood on it”; “every injustice is possible when good people remain silent”; “this crisis is fueled by the demand in resources of billion-dollar corporations”; “Congo has the agricultural potential to feed the entire world”.
About the video: “Thanks to The following for helping BREAK THE SILENCE:
Mela Machinko, Lord Jamar, Mr.Len, Guy Routte, Sadat X, 7knuckles, Homeboy Sandman, Pihon, Dezyne, Pharoahe Monch, SamUiLL, Jean Grea Www.friendsofthecongo.org
The Congo is a central storehouse of strategic minerals for the functioning of modern society, particularly as it relates to the mining and technology sectors. We must demand that foreign countries and corporations implement humane policies toward the Congo.
The Congo sits in the heart of Africa and is bordered by NINE other countries, therefore as the Congo goes so does the rest of Africa.We must work with the Congolese and other Africans to make sure that the Congolese and NOT external forces determine the future direction of their country.
The rapes, slaughter and savagery being committed in the Congo are affronts to the human conscience. Every individual and leader in the global community should be ashamed and outraged that we have allowed an estimated 6 million Congolese to die since 1996 as a result of a resource war. As human beings in a so-called civilized world, we can and must do better.”