weekly kick-off: 10 banging tracks your ears must hear

October 2, 2012

Here’s your WEEKLY KICKOFF with the TOP 10 Banging Tracks Your Ears Must Hear. Shake ya groove thang.


10. Labrinth, “Treatment:”An upbeat poppy song, with jangling guitar. What more could you want?

Labrinth’s “Treatment” will energize you, if you’re running low throughout the week.

9. Fishbone, “Everyday Sunshine:”Although not a new hit, Fishbone deserves the acknowledgement. With the group preparing for a tour this month, I thought it would be nice to give this influential band some praise. If you know this band, kudos to you. If not, you should click on the video below, before you do anything else.

8. Pharoahe Monch, “Damage:”It’s always nice to get something from talented rapper Pharoahe Monch, every once in awhile. The gifted wordsmith recently released a new song, “Damage.” The track is not for the faint of heart. A joyless Monch raps about a landscape riddled with bullets, in the bleakest way possible.

7. Kendrick Lamar, “The Art Of Peer Pressure:”With his upcoming album, Good Kid, Mad City, dropping this month, Mr. Lamar keeps fans anticipating with his latest single, “The Art Of Peer Pressure.” As always Mr. Lamar is on-point, as he provides a somber narrative about drug use, picking up women and getting into trouble. “Me and the homies,” repeats Lamar during the chorus. Remember kids, peer pressure is an issue you may deal with your entire life. Just ask Kendrick.

6. Petite Noir, “Pressure: “Cape Town’s very own Petite Noir (Yannick Iluga) has caused quite a stir, here in America. It makes sense–“Pressure” is an enjoyable track. Hands clap beneath Iluga’s powerful baritone, while trumpets add to the song’s mystical atmosphere.

5. Bruiser Brigade, “Errthang:”Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade is the clique he claims. Brown and company leave this song battered and bruised with their gritty wordplay. And props to in-house producer Skywlkr, for always crafting impressive beats. After all, “Errthang” is definitely a banger.

4. Death Grips, “@deathgripz:”
Although the Sacramento trio just released their latest album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, “@deathgripz” is tight for two reasons: it’s named after their Twitter feed, and the beat is ridiculously great. Welcome back, Death Grips.

3. Lil B, “California Boy:”Ever wonder what Lil B would sound like, if he fronted an alternative rock band? Well, you’re in luck; the Bay Area rapper recently released “California Boy,” a track that probably would have been a success in 1997. You will laugh at first, but once that upbeat guitar melody gets into your ears, you will be hooked.

2. Bad Brains, “Into The Future:”Hardcore punk bad-boys Bad Brains, have still got it. Hard riffs, H.R.’s notorious nose-plugged vocal delivery–“Into The Future” is proof that the group is ready to embark into the future, and do what they do best: melt faces.

1. Flying Lotus (Feat. Niki Randa), “Getting There:”Sure, it’s only a minute and 49  seconds long. But from beginning to end, this track bumps with J Dilla-influenced production. Ms. Randa is the icing to Lotus’ cake, providing soulful melodies that are absolutely ear candy.