trash talk’s 119 cements their place as one of the great hardcore bands of this generation #soundcheck

October 12, 2012

When Odd Future signed hardcore punk band Trash Talk to be the first non-Odd Future artist on the label, it all made sense, sort of. What could be more punk rock for a hip-hop group with punk rock tendencies than signing an uncompromising hardcore band to their Sony-distributed label? But where Odd Future excels in pushing buttons and expanding hip-hop, Trash Talk are content to dig in and be the most hardcore hardcore band out there. They don’t reinvent the wheel on the new 119 but hell, it’s the fucking wheel. Everyone loves the wheel. Why reinvent it?

By Trash Talk’s standards 119‘s 22 minutes is downright EPIC. Though this time around there’s nothing like the 4:30 “Hash Wednesday” off Eyes & Nines. But there are bits and pieces of sludge and stoner metal hanging out around the corners of the whole record. The Hodgy Beats & Tyler the Creator assisted “Blossom and Burn” may alienate fans of Trash Talks straight ahead hardcore, but it proves the previously unknown theory that the mid-point between hardcore and alt hip-hop is doom metal. Who knew? Trash Talk knew.

Elsewhere, the band spits fury like no other. Tracks like “F.E.B.N.” “Uncivil Disobedience” (probably the least earnest Occupy anthem ever recorded.) and “Fuck Nostalgia” all cement Trash Talk as one of the great hardcore bands of this generation. There was some concern that being affiliated, however tangentially, with Sony might force Trash Talk to tame their sound, but if anything they seem to have only dug in deeper. Anyone expecting a hardcore mainstream crossover will be sorely disappointed. I’m pretty sure the only people who are disappointed right now are Sony execs.

– Words by Nathan Leigh