sugar & spikes tattoo feature: halloween theme

October 5, 2012

This Halloween, the stranger you passed by on the street, with an amazing cat painted face or other creative face art, may actually be donning that makeup look past October…maybe even permanently. This comes as no surprise to certified permanent makeup artist, Tameeka Johnson, aka Model Isis. Not only does Tameeka tattoo a “regular makeup” look to clients, she also has the opportunity to do some more permanent creative looks upon request. After being a makeup artist for 15 years, she had already perfected being all too steady with an eye shadow brush, eyeliner pencils and could match foundation to her client’s skin color with ease. She became curious as to how far she can take her makeup skills and began researching an occupation as a permanent makeup artist. Once she learned of all the different situations permanent makeup was beneficial, she knew becoming a certified permanent makeup artist was the right transition for her to make in her career. Her work is another form of body modification and like other great tattoo artists, she is very passionate about perfecting the permanent ink she gives her clients and ensuring that they are safe and happy.

Words by Mika Kenyah
CEO of Sugar & Spikes

1. What is permanent makeup tattooing?  Permanent Makeup Tattooing is also referred to as Micro-pigmentation. It is the implantation of pigment into the dermis of the skin on a cosmetic note such as eyeliner, lip liner, eye shadow, full lip coloring, blush and many more creative aspects of makeup. Scar camouflage is also a reason for micro-pigmentation.

2. What kinds of clients come to you? The type of clients I see ranges in age from low 20s to high 60s. Also, I see people that may enjoy wearing make up but are prone to break out from applying traditional cosmetics on the daily basis. I have clients that are into body modifications, as well as people that suffer from hair loss due to alopecia, and chemotherapy treatments. The clientele really does vary, its one of the aspects that make my job so interesting.

3. Have you ever gotten any odd requests? There have not been many requests that I would consider odd…maybe situations where I feel a procedure hadn’t been thought out well before making a request. But I am always sure to give my opinion based on my expertise and somewhat personal opinion. In the end I just want to make sure that my clients can walk away knowing that they made a good decision. 

4. Being that it is the month of Halloween, could you share one of your more memorable sessions that allowed you to be more creative? One of the most memorable sessions that I’ve had was working with Ink Man this year, We added some highlights to his brows that would bring a little more personality to them. The entire time he made me laugh, It was different trying to focus on the job at hand when he joked and sweet talked the whole way. Lol, that was pretty memorable. It was a pleasure. Most of my sessions are memorable. It always makes me feel good knowing that I’m doing my job so well, my client is comfortable enough to have conversations with me while being tattooed in some of the most sensitive areas.

5. How many tattoos do you have? I have 7 tattoos and counting, lol! I plan to get more work done. It’s hard not to when working with the very talented tattoo artists that I am among. My favorite tattoo was the Egyptian Goddess Isis on my lower back and my other is a Red Sonya half sleeve on my left arm. Honestly, I love them all and don’t regret one.

6. Are there any health concerns/safety issues that come along with permanent makeup tattooing? There are many health concerns that may come into play when considering a permanent makeup procedure. We ask many health questions such as do you suffer from diabetes? Any skin allergies, or prone to herpes break outs? We prefer not to work on pregnant women based on the fact that it is difficult to implant the pigment for some. Some questions are only asked based on age and what area the procedure will be done at. We encourage that clients alert us of any issues that could possibly be spread to the artist such as HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis and such. It doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot have the procedure done only that necessary precautions are to be taken.


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