Sex & Gender

labels can land in the wrong category: from analytical williams

October 18, 2012

I get relatively bothered by people who take it upon themselves to jump to conclusions and label me just by looking at me. By looking at me, I’m automatically called an African, a lesbian, a chick “who had nothing better to do with her time so she cut her hair”, Erykah Badu, a mutt, a chick trying to transition, a girl who knows her fashion with that low fade cut, etc.

By: Analytical Williams

I understand that people will talk about you all your life, as well as have their assumptions of you, but some of the shit that comes out of people’s mouths really needs to be thought about. I cut my hair into a low fade this Summer, mainly because I was sick of transitioning. I grew to like the low fade style and often went to the barber shop to get it shaped up [and kept up]. I learned that length isn’t everything. As long as my hair is healthy that’s all that really matters.

My clothing style was still often girly, but I liked to explore the menswear inspired looks, often going into the men’s section to buy men’s slacks, men’s blazers and jackets, and also men’s shirts. I found myself a good tailor and got the clothes tailored to fit often, also doing the same for the clothes I bought out of the women’s section.

Being seen with feminine and masculine clothes on, I was often called a lesbian, exhibitionist (which made no sense because I wasn’t nude), a girl that doesn’t know her fashion, etc. This is all because some of the clothes that I wore were from the men’s section. This wasn’t majority of people’s thoughts that saw me: most of the people that saw me on a daily basis gave me compliments on my clothing and my hair.

I’m one that doesn’t care about trends nor about pleasing people. I have always been a person that doesn’t wear my clothes too tight, but I also don’t like frilly girly looks much. I’ve been put into lesbian category by some women more than once. One thing they don’t realize, I’m not a lesbian: I’m a bisexual.

Menswear inspired fashion is my go to style. I’m guessing (although it might be pretty obvious) that it’s attractive to both sexes because men approach me and so do women, [but I also do my share of approaching, haha].

Just looking at a person and labeling them often puts the person into the wrong category, and some of the labels that a person is labeled often makes no sense whatsoever. A person can be any sexuality and dress anyway they please. There are lesbians that dress girly, and some that dress completely masculine. Straight women do one of the two as well.

I’d ask when these labels are going to stop, but I know they aren’t. But then again if people aren’t
talking about you, then I guess that’s when you worry.