bad brains: we missed you. welcome back. #soundcheck

October 1, 2012

BAD BRAINS ARE FUCKING BACK. Being a Bad Brains fan means being patient. The legendary quartet has had it’s share of ups and downs over the years. After writing the book on hardcore with the ROIR cassette, Rock for Light, and I Against I, the band began to splinter and falter. HR was occasionally replaced by other singers, and in a final indignity they lost their very name in a legal battle. And while we all know they can still bring it live, it’s been a long time since they’ve put out a track that matched the passion and ferocity of their “classic” era.

The new Bad Brains “Into the Future” (the title track from the new record coming out November 30th) is a self-produced affair. Letting the band take control has allowed them to get back to their DIY roots, and while I could stand for it to be a little less polished (I know, I know, I’m that guy…) it’s a blast hearing the band not just sound like they want to be making a new record but like they need to. HR sings with an intensity and clarity that’s been missing from their recorded output for a long time. Dr. Know’s riffs maintain the metalcore chunkiness that’s become his trademark in their later period, but has the same edge and minimalism of their classic records. We can only hope Daryl Jennifer is speaking truth when he says “‘Into The Future’ is the purest Bad Brains recording since the ‘ROIR’ cassette.” If the title track is any indication, he might not be too far off.

– Words by Nathan Leigh

Banner photo by Richard S. Oliver