ap quickie: cover art & tracklisting of toro y moi’s upcoming album

October 10, 2012

Quickie quickie: Toro Y Moi aka Chazwick Bundick revealed the cover art and tracklisting for his upcoming album ‘Anything In Return’ (see below). He told Interview Magazine: “People will be like, ‘What is he doing?’ ” [laughs] “I’m just trying to make sincere pop music that’s not all processed and bubblegum. Underground isn’t always relevant; I want to see what’s popular, then put my own spin on it.” The recorded will be out January 22, 2013. 1. Harm In Change
2. Say That
3. So Many Details
4. Rose Quartz
5. Touch
6. Cola
7. Studies
8. High Living
9. Grown Up Calls
10. Cake
11. Day One
12. Never Matter
13. How’s It Wrong