there’s a new death grips single to tide you over before their 2nd 2012 full length drops in october #soundcheck

September 12, 2012

Death Grips’ 2011 debut mixtape Exmilitary remains one of my favorite releases of the year. Between dropping their major label debut, The Money Store, and their (semi-confirmed) follow-up No Love Deep Web, the prolific apocalyptic hip-hop / punk group has pushed out a new single “@Deathgripz.” And yeah, that’s their twitter handle. Because they can.

The track is the final offering from the Adult Swim Single Series. It’s probably as close to pop as Death Grips are ever likely to get with a nearly danceable beat making it’s way through the muck and the mire. But as always the song deconstructs itself, as if it’s always on the verge of self-destruction. By the time MC Ride steps in with his trademark carnival bark any pretense of pop are out the window.

For those of us anxiously awaiting their next record (due in late October, probably) this will more than whet our appetite. And for more check out the group talking about the making of this track:

– Words by Nathan Leigh