tattoo of the week: la mala

September 17, 2012

Meet La Mala! Her name means, “The Bad” in Spanish and with her Harley Quinn inspired tattoo, she shows us her fascination for rebellious characters. Why not? They seem to have all the fun! My favorite piece is her Alice In Wonderland sleeve. Staring into her ink makes you feel like you’re looking at pages from a colorful comic. So much more fun looking at it on skin! To submit your tattoos for Tattoo Of The Week, send pictures + answers to the questionnaire below to -Name: La Mala
-Age? 25
-City? Brooklyn, New York
-Occupation? Model/Student
-How many tattoos do you have? 15
-Which one is your favorite? My Harley Quinn on my right thigh.
-When and where did you get it? I started it when I turned 18 years old. My first tattoo was done at OMEGA TATTOOS.
What does it mean to you? Tattoos are works of art and I love to wear art. I feel like each and every tattoo I have has a special story or meaning behind it.
-How old were you when you got your first tattoo? I was 18 years old.
-Why should we feature your tattoo? You should feature my tattoo because it’s very artistic and colorful and has so much meaning to it, plus it’s a known theme.
-Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to? If yes, where is he/she located? Website? I have different types of artists. I am not scared to share my skin with new and different artists. I see it as everyone has their own style and twist to it. Everyone is different. I feel like if you go to the same artist, it tends to get boring and everything looks the same.
-Do you regret any tattoos you have? Nope, and never will, which is why I tell people “THINK BEFORE YOU GET TATTED”.
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By Mika Kenyah / Sugar & Spikes