sugar & spikes top 10 list of bad tattoos!

September 7, 2012

Every year, more and more people are getting tattooed and it is becoming way more mainstream than it’s ever been. This summer, I’ve seen a surge of tattoo stories in the media with gossip columns posting every single time a celebrity like Justin Bieber gets new ink. There were even popular songs on Youtube dedicated to the tattooed like Driicky Graham’s “Snapbacks & Tattoos” that garnered close to 4 million views. While I love the idea of tattoos growing more acceptance and popularity, I am also unfortunately finding an increase of people who crave ink so much they are willing to rush into an idea and/or pay for a cheap tattoo. I know, I know, you just can’t wait to get inked and you want to save some money. This guy you know is a friend or a relative. He is just learning. They got some new tattoo equipment and offered to give you a tattoo free or at a greatly reduced cost. There are numerous risk factors regarding sanitary conditions to a host of allergic reactions with poor quality ink to consider when tattooing with someone who isn’t certified to do so. Instead of taking time and doing the proper research for a reputable artist, people are no longer fearing the permanence of a bad idea. Hell, I’ll even admit to having one poorly rushed tattoo of cherries which I now have to explain to people that they are NOT a pair keys on a key ring. Here is my Sugar & Spikes Top 10 List of Bad Tattoos, that is sure to help you think before you ink.

By Mika Kenyah/Sugar & Spikes

10. Thanks for ruining the memory of my childhood’s fine television programming…

9. Sure all your homies will get a good laugh but you just ruined your chances to any sexy time below the waist. Not so funny now.

8. Portraits are the tats you definitely want to spend money on with a reputable artist known for this style, before your baby turns into Curly of the Three Stooges.

7. I had a hard time trying to figure out if this is a heat seeking missile or that sticky icky…so I’ll go with the latter. Either way it’s just a poorly done tattoo and a bad idea.

6. This tat proves the importance of finding an artist with experience and basic 3rd grade spelling skills.

5. I’m pretty sure these ladies were meant to be sexy. He didn’t even try to tattoo hands and feet…maybe he or she figured they were not that important anyway.

4. Starred Wrecked! So I am pretty sure those doodles you mindlessly scribbled on your notebook during class should not go on your face.

3. The best way to show how metal you are is NOT by having your kid sister to draw in crayon the name of your favorite band.

2. The least intimidating bear I have ever seen.

1. Who’s Bad?! Apparently, this tattoo. Nothing says you honor the late King of Pop better than Liza Minnelli??

And here is another…just because I can’t believe more than 1 person in the world has a horribly done Jackson tattoo. As well as poor choice of wording… should have given this some more thought!