sugar & spikes tattoo feature: piink the “original”

September 12, 2012

With the word “Original” tatted across her chest, 21 year old PiiNk definitely lives up to that proclamation. She rocks her own unique style of glam and horror with her favorite tattoo being her Zombie Hello Kitty eating the Bride of Chucky’s head…showing the world she is constantly thinking outside of the box. PiiNk is a college student by day, waitress by night and full time mother. It’s no surprise that this rockstar found herself a bit stressed. By accident or fate, she randomly came across an article about Body Suspensions and discovered that the act of hanging her body from hooks pierced through her flesh could possibly be the key to freeing her mind. By July, 2012 she took on her first session and found that not only did she feel amazing but the experience would forever be life changing. “I honestly feel no pain. No pain at all…”, PiiNk declares to me after I watched the video of her tatted body floating through the air. She explains that the hooks are pierced into her back…so she is basically hanging by her own skin and then the hooks are removed after her session. Naturally you question how does the hooks not tear through her skin? This is why the importance of going to reputable trained professionals is extremely crucial. DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to do this at home kids! The preparation is usually done by a team of people, which takes a great amount of time compared to the actual act of suspending. PiiNk trusts her body with the skilled team over at KASPA DISGRACE and DISGRACELAND HOOKSQUAD. They study her body to decide the proper placement, number, and size of metal hooks they use to pierce into the skin to lift her off the ground. Finding the proper hook placement and number involves excellent math skills and an some understanding of human anatomy and physiology. While her 28 tattoos, allows her to share who she is with the world, suspension alllows PiiNk to experience a private intimate moment with herself. She elevates to the next level when being “hooked”. The best part of suspension is that it allows her to take a mental break from her often chaotic, busy life. For a moment in time, PiiNk gains clarity, lets go and flies her way right into a state of euphoria.

– By Mika Kenyah/Sugar & Spikes