sugar & spikes tattoo feature: “exploring sex and ink with madam natur”

September 26, 2012

If you find yourself bored with reading the same old dry columns on sex and thirsty for something a little bit more invigorating, then you’ll no doubt find Madam Natur Magazine quite refreshing. Its creator, Chrissi J., has set out to publish a zine that aims to teach, inspire, stimulate, flatten taboos and broaden sexual horizons. Meeting Chrissi, you get the sense of an earthy woman who does not shy away from organically seducing you into her world. You’ll leave knowing only what she wants you to know and what she wants from you, you’ll want to give. Yet, she admits she wasn’t always confident about herself in a world that isn’t always open and understanding about sexuality.

Words by Mika Kenyah
CEO of Sugar & Spikes

Discovering different ways to express herself, Chrissi learned how to put her uncertain feelings into perspective. It is perhaps through her most recent accomplishment of completing Madam Natur’s 1st issue “The Art of Body Modification”, that she has finally found a platform to be charmingly uninhibited without being overly pushy. What better way to kick off the magazine with a diverse lineup of ink on the nude and on display? The end result, Madam Natur helps other people explore their own sexuality and bodies. The magazine opens up doors to which they never knew they could walk through. With her own body modification, Chrissi’s Tree of Life tattoo beautifully sprouts on her arm and gives some insight into what could be her consistent goal. She is an entrepreneur constantly seeking growth and to birth new ideas; this mission translates within the overall essence of her magazine.

MK: What inspired you to start the magazine?
CJ: My personal interest is to provide a medium between the professional & kink worlds.
I always knew deep down inside I wanted to have a business in the adult industry. I decided creating this magazine would be the best way for me to express my personal interest & values, and to connect with the industry so that I can expand within it. I also want to debunk social taboos about sex in hopes to contribute to the overall confidence boost in individuals.

MK: Beyond sexuality, I found your magazine to also offer informative features on body and health. What’s the overall theme of your magazine?
CJ: The overall theme of Madam Natur is sexual self-exploration and education. I want readers to finish the magazine and leave the site feeling like they’ve learned something about themselves and their minds have stretched a bit more open.

MK: Reading the 1st issue, “The Art of Body Modification”, I was amazed by the powerful imagery of inked up individuals boldly exposing their bodies for us to explore. To me, it came across as freedom and I especially enjoyed this one image of a woman passing by the nearly nude man revealing his chest tattoo as he boyishly bites his bottom lip . It made me think that most people may secretly wish they were not so shy and could do the same thing.
What advice would you give to shy people seeking to be less reserved?
CJ: I would say it’s okay to be reserved just don’t be nervous about it. Know why you’re shy and decide if that’s something you want to be. It’s okay to be shy sometimes. Being shy will definitely keep you out of trouble! But if you decide you don’t want to be shy, then don’t care what anyone thinks and just put yourself out there… see what happens.

MK: You feature a lot of topics in your magazine that gives a lot advice for people looking to become better skilled lovers and learn new tricks. What advice would you give to a couple having issues in the bedroom and looking to try new things?
CJ: The key is always communication. When you’re in a partnership you have to be willing to compromise. If a couple has different sexual taste, it’s necessary for both people to be open & assertive. If your lover comes and spanks you (when you are not really that into being spanked), let them. Then give them a spank back (keeping the focus on their own fetish and taking the focus off your butt). When it’s your time to assert your fetish, your partner will be more into it and ready to please. I wouldn’t advise being in a partnership/ relationship with someone you don’t want to compromise with or doesn’t want to compromise with you.

MK: Is Madam Natur only available online?
CJ: Madam Natur is an online magazine. The 1st issue, ‘The Art of Body Modification’ is available for a free download on the site. It’s a really powerful read with visuals to accompany. The 2nd issue, ‘Fetish’ will have a print option.