soundcheck: stream the sexy new ‘grammar ep’ from brooklyn synth-pop quartet body language

September 24, 2012

Body Language rocked the house at AP Fest this summer, and if you couldn’t get enough of them, the synth-pop quartet has a new EP out now. The Grammar EP continues their infectiously danceable blend of synth-pop, chillwave, electrofunk, and at least 3 other hyphenate genres probably. But whatever you want to call it, this is undeniably sexy.

The EP opens with “Lose My Head,” which slays beneath Angela Bess’ most soulful vocals to date. The incredibly detailed production shows the band at their tightest and most polished. Every synth stab and drum hit is perfectly placed; the whole thing draped in a candy coating of reverb. As always, their strength lies in the boy-girl vocal interplay of Angela and Matthew Young. Despite the fact that all these songs are about heartbreak, their voices dance coyly around each other. The entire EP seems to exist in that second before the start of a rebound fling.
Body Language will be on the road for the next month with The Hood Internet and Oscillator Bug. Check their website for dates and venues.

– Words by Nathan Leigh