diy hip-hop from brooklyn: teenage group meatloaf muzik are bringing in a new golden era #soundcheck

September 7, 2012

The Golden Era of hip-hop lasted from about 1987 to 1993 (though most people will tell you that like the Golden Era of punk, the Golden Era of hip-hop was whenever they were in high school and it’s all crap now…). It was a time when crews of NYC teenagers explored the musical possibilities of the young genre. Groups like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and Wu-Tang Clan pushed the boundaries of what hip-hop could do, pushing it beyond dance music. By the time gangsta rap became the new mainstream, effectively ending the Golden Era experimentalism, the kids of Meatloaf Muzik still hadn’t even been born yet. Rekindling the spirit of adventure and rebellion that made the Golden Era so vital, Meatloaf Muzik pick up where A Tribe Called Quest left off nearly 20 years ago.

Pulling from the same mellow soul and jazz samples as their forebears but pairing them with modern beats and dense rhymes, Meatloaf Muzik’s tracks have a retro feel but still sound fresh. The quartet of Shadow the Great, Kidaf, Oso Dope, and Young Shine already have a tight sound and undeniable skills as MCs. They’ve been putting out a constant stream of Mixtapes and videos over the past year the majority of which showcase each MC individuals. But the best moments are on the youtube videos where they function as a complete crew. The best of these is the track “Protect Yo Fetus.” The interplay between them is infectious in a way that hardly anyone bothers to be anymore. It’s here that they prove that while they’re all talented rappers on their own, what they can do together is something rare. Check the following links for their solo mixtapes, and stay tuned for a full disc.

– Words by Nathan Leigh