black fashion by javii: fashion’s night out/fashion week – what you missed and what you need to know

September 11, 2012

While the streets were packed with hype beasts and girls trying too hard, Fashion’s Night Out was blast! To acquire a Trendsetters point of view photographer Henny and I shadowed the ever so fashionable Gitoo and his friends. They maneuvered their way through the crowded streets of NYC stopping by stores to greet friends, obtain free drinks and souvenirs while just about everyone stopped them to take their photos. The lifestyle of the young and fashionable.
Check out this comic made by the photographer herself Henny Harmon.
Our night started by heading out to Paige Denim for cupcakes and drinks where Gitoo chatted with friends who worked there and even sparked a conversation about the importance of voting. We stopped by the UGG store where DJ C. Devone was spinning and doing a great job might I add. Went to Alexis Bittar to partake is karaoke and once again free drinks. We walked to Patricia Fields where Dai Burger and Neon hitch were performing. Patricia Fields seemed to be the hot spot for everyone (if you were lucky enough to get on the list, or if you knew someone.) The crowd got so huge that we ended up losing Gitoo before the night was over. That didn’t stop us from having a good time. After losing Gitoo we met up with a couple of friends at BBC then grabbed a bite to eat and ended our night at some random nightclub, partying the night away. Fashion’s Night Out was only the launching pad of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week (MB-NYFW). During MB-NYFW just about everyone clamored to Lincoln center to either get their photos taken, attend or sneak in some of the most sought after runway shows of the year. One of the biggest shows this year was ‘Arise Magazine Presents: African Icons.’ Arise magazine is distributed in over 27 countries making it one of Africa’s most significant and iconic brands.
Fashion Night Out Photos by Henny X Harmon African Icons are Ozwald Boateng, Gavin Rajah, Tiffany Amber, Tsemaye Binitie and Maki-Oh. These five African designers won the prize of representing the ARISE brand at this year’s MB-NYFW after showcasing at ARISE Magazine Fashion Week (AMFW) in Lagos, Nigeria. When naming their presentation ”African Icons” or Icons in general, Arise magazine was referring to the Icon himself Ozwald Boateng. Boateng closed the show with his signature, superb tailored menswear line. An unexpected surprise occurred when Boateng sent some of him models down the runway with ankara separates. From blazers to harem pants in prints which screams Africa added a great touch to the formal suits. Before Boateng took to the stage to take his bow, everyone in attendance got on their feet to cheered. Icon.