weekly kick-off: 10 banging tracks your ears must hear

August 28, 2012

Ready to kick off your week with another list of great tracks? Of course you are, so here we go!
Contributor: Elijah Watson
10. XXYYXX, “Lonely Sometimes:” This vowel-less producer from Orlando, Florida is definitely someone you should know about. The 16 year-old (yes he is 16) has made some enjoyable beats, and “Lonely Sometimes” is no different. Soaring with angelic vocal samples, the track gradually transitions into a world of glitchy video game sounds, and reverberated fuzz. If you dig the sounds of Flying Lotus with a dash of lo-fi, XXYYXX is your man.


9. Azealia Banks, “Van Vogue:” Sure, Ms. Banks may be known for her Twitter beefs, but the Harlem-based rapper is making sure people know her for what’s most important–the music. And “Van Vogue” is no exception. Thumping with 1990s-influenced synths and percussion, the track will have you dancing in no time. As always, Banks delivers with a half rap, half sung combo that cannot be ignored.


8. Big Freedia, “Y’all Get Back Now:” Alongside Nicky Da B, Big Freedia is infamous for his energetic and wild bounce music. Seriously, I once went to a show of his in Austin, and halfway through the set I ended up onstage, shaking my body until I could not shake anymore. If you need a track to bounce you back to life during this week, this is it.