#soundcheck – the uk garage rock renaissance continues with the connectors new video “naked”

August 29, 2012

Between Melody Nelson, and now The Connectors, we definitely seem to be in the middle of a UK garage rock renaissance. Taking their cues as much from Nirvana and 90’s garage as the Kinks, the two piece band consists of singer/guitarist Andy and drummer Danny. Their first single is “Naked,” a fist pumping garage anthem reminiscent of fellow two piece Local H. Built on a simple riff and repeating “just like everybody else / unlike anybody else,” the duo makes the most out of their minimalist set-up. Translation: it’s loud as hell.

They’ve been putting out a stream of demos on their bandcamp page, and “Kinda Way” adds some Chicago blues into the mix. A one-two stomp building into a proto-grunge explosion. Sounding like the reincarnation of Kurt Cobain, Andy sneers and snarls his way through the song. For all the supposed influence Nirvana had on the music world, it’s bizarre that it’s taken 20 years for a band to come along and really claim that crown. The Connectors are still pretty fresh, so whether they embrace the Nirvana comparisons and go full on retro (I’m really not comfortable with my childhood being retro, but so it goes…) or push garage into new directions will be cool to watch. Either way, this is for sure a band worth paying attention to.

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