black fashion by javii – phony ppl bring their “glossy” style to the afropunk festival

August 15, 2012

The nine-member “collective” who are Phony Ppl is a crew of music loving, jazz fusing, R&B singing, Hip Hop and rap heads who makes music for everyone. The nine members of Phony PPL all have different personal styles so to classify their style using one word would be close to impossible, but not to them. In an interview with Swagger NY they describe their style as “glossy” stating that “it’s just the way we live, like, in terms of style, like clothing and just how we carry ourselves—the streets are just there, like we there every day, we pick up little things from everywhere that we go, so, just like, we kinda adapt whatever we see and whatever we like, at the end of the day it’s whatever we like, that’s what we gon’ do and that’s how we gon’ carry ourselves.” In his latest video “Fly Young Gentleman” Dymez-A-Duzzin frontman of Phony PPL & rapper Traphik are dressed to the nines in their suits and matching bow-ties. They demonstrate what it means to be fly, young and most importantly a gentleman. “These immature chicks like immature players, they love Chris Brown until he punch his girl face in. A gentleman would never hit a chick unless she’s into it.”

The style doesn’t stop there. Bari Bass the Bass Player of Phony People is rarely seen wearing a shirt but when he is, his socks tells a colorful story. Bari’s style is eclectic and whimsical which ads a great deal to his never ending charm. The dreaded Elbee Thire style is effortless, chill and comfortable. He actually takes time to reach such an effortless look/style. Out of the collective. In an interview with SwaggerNY Elbee and the other members of Phony PPL agreed that Elbee takes the longest to get ready. Effortless takes effort. I wish I had time to got through the collective individually but hopefully I can get a sense of the rest of these guys style at the AFROPUNK Fest 2012.