black fashion by javii – afropunk fest fashion!

August 31, 2012

On the eve of the eighth annual AFROPUNK music festival, while most were raving on about the killer lineup to come, my phone was bombarded with text messages by friends wondering what the hell they should wear? Questions like “Is this punk enough?” “Is this Afro enough?” Some questions were of a more serious tone. One friend wondered if Bindi’s were considered cultural appropriation. (If you have to ask, then yes, yes it is, but let’s save that topic for another week.)
I guessed they were worried for nothing. Fans from Australia, Brazil, Holland and what seemed as just about all of New York City gathered in Brooklyn at Commodore Barry Park for a lineup that included Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Purple Ferdinand, TV on the Radio, Reggie Watts and a whole lot more.

Between all those amazing performances AFROPUNK Festival fashion and style took on a life of it’s own. Starting with the beautiful volunteers slicing and dicing AFROPUNK t-shirts to all the festival goers who couldn’t go an inch without someone asking “where did you get that?” or better “can I take your picture?”
Nothing was off limits. Everything from stilettos, D.I.Y Vans, wedge sneakers, Dr. Martens, tattered converses and more snug to the feet of festival goers as they maneuvered their way throughout the crowd trying to get a view of Erkykah on the green stage or Janelle on the red. Shianna’s shaven sides, cotton candy blue fro and piercing eyes fresh face was all I saw once she stepped in the BlackFashion booth. She was quiet but that’s okay because her style spoke volumes for her.
With Glowing Silver hair, she paired a dark grey croptop with tie-dye yellow and orange shorts, jeans shirt tied around her waist and yellow Dr. Martens to hold the whole outfit together.
This beauty accessorized her cute fro with a white flower and Jazzed hands she came to the festival with her friends to support their friends L3NF.
Jennifer donned a dime piece cap with a plan black top and summer ready leather shorts. She accessorized with pink lips and a turquoise Aztec printed purse.

Photos by Stephanie Kaltsas ( &