black fashion by javii: the bow tie

July 24, 2012

Fashion trends are like friends. They come and go with the season, sometimes for no apparent reason. Some friends you hang out with because they hang out with all your other friends. Some friends, no matter how popular, quirky, witty or cute they are, they’re not friend you keep around forever. Friends: Trend: The Bow Tie. Bow ties started to trend a few years back because they were considered versatile. So versatile to men that they could be worn formally, casually or in a cool streetwear look. By the end of Summer 2011 Everyone was either a bow tie fashion expert or a bow tie designer. New and different ways were found to help keep the bow tie trend alive. By adding spikes, ankra prints, patterns and more the bow tie took on a life of it’s own. Now it seems as if everyone, mother, child and grandfather owns a pair. The bow tie has now become a generic piece of clothing. It has lost its core dapperness and quite frankly I’m tired of it.