black fashion by javii: punks vs. the american flag

July 3, 2012

Since WTT, Lil Wayne and A$AP all decided to make statements out of the American Flag the new trend has become exactly that: The AMERICAN FLAG. Punks who were never one to be blinded by trends are now clamoring to the American flag trend. My question is: Are they who they really say they are? ‘Punk’ used to be considered Anti-fashion, and argued that punk should be defined by their music or their ideology, yet it seems that with the right amount of tattoos, ripped or tattered clothing just about anyone can be considered ‘Punk.’ Check out this blind dose of “Punk Patriotism.”

Tamall (20) from Atlanda, Georgia dons an American flag shirt, camo vest, cut off shorts, striped socks, and red vans.

Brendon (18) from pittsburgh PA rocks a black graphic tee with cut off sleeves, an American flag fanny pack and blue chucks.

From Philadelphia, PA these two Jeanitrix designers hair dyed green, blonde and beard red as wine pose next to the American flag laying on the floor as if it was nothing more than a rag, now that’s the punk I know.

“Why do we celebrate Independence day when we are still not free?”