why we dig comedian seaton smith

June 18, 2012

The man bluntly says: “money inspired me to go there” while talking about touring college campuses across the map. Seaton Smith has a credible background in film, theatre, philosophy, and is molding into an emerging comedian in the New York scene. Seaton will be one of the hosts of the 2012 Afropunk Festival! We spoke to him on the phone and it was nothing but pure jokes and giggles! “There are so many things in New York that are inspiring; I don’t want to help them. I want them to laugh,” says the actor. As my notes go down on paper all I can do is spit out laughter and remarks of understanding. The Californian has a lot to create jokes from, a few in particular about his acceptance of being an “oreo” (his words, not yours truly’s). Seaton separates his lane from the rest while raising the standards one act at a time.

The brother also has a knack for underground, hip hop royalty. “MF DOOM is a fucking genius. The fact that he took a comic series and created characters—Victor Vaughn is the fucked up character. He created a fucked up character”.

The next comedy show is Tuesday, June 19 at ‘Caroline’s’. Needless to say, Seaton expresses his loyal love to the AP Community and wishes to extend a huge invitation to come out to the show. “I think I have a good connection with Afropunk. I met AP within a few months when I moved to New York last year,” says Seaton. “Break Out” is the code to get into the comedy show for only five bucks; take advantage.

– Contributing writer: Brittani ‘Cheeba’ Austin