#soundcheck – garage rock icons the dirtbombs drop new track

June 22, 2012

Summer’s finally here and The Dirtbombs have a new single! It’s been 4 years since the Detroit garage legends played Afropunk fest. Since then they’ve lost a member, recorded an album of Detroit techno covers, and apparently fallen in love, or gotten a puppy, or something. The new song ‘Crazy For You’ shows a softer side of the venerable garage band. Playing like a lost Matthew Sweet track, or maybe early Lenny Kravitz, the song conjures the days of the early 90’s back when they were always conjuring the early 60’s.
Click HERE to listen to ‘Crazy For You’
Singer Mick Collins’ earnest sentiment might have been cheesy only 10 years ago. But this is the post-ironic era, (The ‘burg is dead! Long live the ‘burg!) and Collins’ willingness to just be sincere is refreshing. Ko Melina’s fuzzed out baritone guitar and the dueling drums of Ben Blackwell and Pat Pantano give everything a shaggy charm to offset the sweetness. This is the sort of song—effortlessly hooky—that makes summer mixtapes worth making.

What are you putting on your summer mix?

– Contributor: Nathan Leigh