#soundcheck free download: the invisible’s new single ‘protection’ + video

June 4, 2012

On the Invisible’s new single ‘Protection’ from their forthcoming 2nd full length Rispah, the London trio pushes their love of ambiance to the front. Treating lead singer Dave Okumu’s voice like another texture in their tension stew, the band creates a beautiful mess of a song. Vocal lines swell and fall while synth lines burble up and explode. As if trying to recreate an Aphex Twin beat live, Leo Taylor’s jagged off-kilter drums shift and mutate to create a palpable feeling of anxiety. The band has always had ambiance and psychedelia at their edges, but here they’re front and center. The dance grooves and touches of soul that enlivened their self-titled debut are replaced by a haunting sadness. This is music for driving on a rainy day.

The Invisible’s new record comes out June 11th, and is in Okumu’s words, a “love letter to grief.” In the middle of the recording process, Okumu’s mother passed away. Her influence looms heavily over the new music. ‘Protection’ is heartbreaking in its desire for hope and comfort: “Take me to a secret dwelling place / I will climb under your wings / For protection”

Dave Okumu is currently recovering from a 240 volt shock received during a recent concert in Nigeria. Check out his interview with the BBC about his ordeal.

– Contributor: Nathan Leigh


The Invisible – ‘Protection’ (Radio Edit)