#soundcheck free download – me and this army’s new single ‘you’

June 6, 2012

Baltimore trio Me and This Army just dropped their badass new single; the minimally titled and maximally loud ‘You.’ Anchored by lead singer Courtney Hargrove’s kick-in-the-teeth vocals, the track pulls no punches. It’s a song about betrayal and anger, plain and simple. A fierce kiss-off to a wayward ex. “There you go / breaking everyone’s heart / there you go breaking everyone”.
The band builds from a bouncy syncopated beat to a giant pop-punk hook, calling to mind The Exit at their best (hey, remember when Ben Bronfman was still Ben Brewer? Ah, good times…). Across one EP and two singles, Me and This Army have shown a surprising amount of variety and depth generally unknown to power trios. What is it about leftie-led power trios? The preposterously tight rhythm section turns on a dime; shifting between Fela Kuti beats and Distillers epicness while Courtney’s vocals soar from deceptively sweet to vicious rasp.
Barely two years in, Me and This Army are definitely a band to watch. A full length can’t come soon enough.

YOU by Me & This Army

– Contributor: Nathan Leigh