#soundcheck – british indie soul-rock band the heavy’s new single ‘what makes a good man’

June 25, 2012

British indie soul-rock outfit The Heavy have a new single out, and it’s huge. On their 3rd album the band “wanted to make a bold statement – it’s not shy.” The orchestral swoops add a level of epicness when matched with Spencer Page’s distorted bass indie thump. Singer Kelvin Swaby describes it saying “We went pretty cinematic, setting out to score a film that hasn’t been written.” I’d be surprised if filmmakers don’t take them up on it later this year. This is the rare sort of song that has both undeniable style and bombast. It’s a whole Bond movie in three minutes and 47 seconds. And not that Timothy Dalton crap: this one has backup singers.

Listening to ‘What Makes A Good Man’ while doing anything will add a sense of weight and importance. Brush your teeth with it on, you’ll feel like you just climbed Everest. The Heavy have a history of the unexpected and exciting. With ‘What Makes A Good Man’ they’re setting the bar incredibly high for the full length. The Glorious Dead drops August 21st.

– Contributor: Nathan Leigh