#soundcheck – blah blah blah: the kings of ballroom rock

June 1, 2012

Championing a genre of music fittingly called “Ballroom Rock,” Blah Blah Blah are definitely a band deserving of your attention. Their first two EPs, Thank You Thank You and the aptly titled Charm, serve up a dynamic mix of ethereal ambiance and loud badassery. Solomon’s voice soars to Jeff Buckley-esque heights on the first single ‘Why Am I The Only One Laughing.’ The impossibly joyous song ‘Soon As I Get Home Tonight’ with it’s equally joyous video, will be stuck in your head for days.

On their single, Crazy Fools, lead singer Solomon David’s voice conjures Morrissey in his Meat Is Murder prime on top of a slowed down dance rock beat. Anchored by Byron Harden’s front-and-center bass riff, the charmingly beautiful track packs just enough punch to be exciting. The awesome video combines the three best things in the universe: loud beautiful music, dance beats, and Legos.

The band joked on Twitter that the minifigs would be available in certain Kellogs cereals, but seriously guys: get on that. My nephew’s birthday’s in August.
If you haven’t gotten either EP yet, you should probably keep it simple and just get both of them now.

Thank You Thank You EP

Charm EP

– Contributor: Nathan Leigh