black fashion by javii: is personality the new black?

June 19, 2012

Some people have a perception of style as something or someone right out of the pages of VOGUE magazine: uncomfortable, yet fashionable because the shirt they’re wearing costs $800. That’s not style. Style is the power to freely express oneself using the clothes from our closet or the curtains you turned into a shirt that looks like it cost hundreds.
They say “personality is the new black.” If that’s true Parsons fashion graduate Lashaia Artis (23), is right on top of this trend. Rocking a black tunic with red, green, orange and blue geometric prints paired with simple black flats, Lashaia’s personality speaks volumes. With her hair woven into a big ball, both sides of her head shaved, and her hair accessories, it’s hard not to be amazed by this beauty.

From his shock of turquoise, pink and yellow yellow hair to his 4 inch wedges, everything about this young man’s look is unafraid and expressive. Marc dons a red and green patterned blazer over his leather skirt and pants combo. A fox-fur stole is the pièce de résistance. I understand while most would scoff at this look, Marc is confident and comfortable. Which bears the question: What is fashion without risks?
Is there anything more visually appealing than a beauty who knows how to ride a board? I don’t think so. Jai (21) is rocking ripped stockings, red heels, red lips and and her trusty skateboard is ready for anything thrown her way. Who said skateboarders only wear vans and graphic tees?