black fashion by javii: battle of the notes

June 26, 2012

“Everyone’s trying so hard to be different but they all look the same.” In fashion as well as everything else we do, we’re influenced from what has come before us and what’s around us right now. Check out our Black Fashion Tumblr blog‘s 3 most reblogged images of the week. With over 1,000 notes and counting Jay (19) rocks a dreaded Mohawk, a basic printed tank, camouflage cargo shorts, and a jeans shirt to match his baby blue jeremy scott adidas. There’s nothing unusually new or “wow” about this look, yet I’m amazed by the fact that he was able to pull over 1,000 notes. Am I missing some thing here or is it true that a cute guy with tattoos will always reign supreme?

With over 700 notes, these guys are redefining what it means to be dope. Taking basic all black outfits and accenting them with jackets possibly found in your local thrift store, they are Dope. These guys pull from Hendrix, West and even London but still come away appearing themselves.

Coming in at 89 notes, the lowest of the bunch, Marcus Branch is the definition of different. Truthfully I have no clue how do describe what he’s wearing but I’m enamored with his whole outfit. Marcus draws from West African culture while keeping this look all his with the black jeans and black kicks he rocks under it.