#soundcheck – body language’s sexy new single ‘you can’

May 30, 2012

DIY electro quartet Body Language unveiled their new video for the sexy new single ‘You Can.’ The track, from their 2011 Social Studies EP, shines with a wobbly analog synth line that would make Chromeo jealous. The ethereal three part boy-girl harmonies of singers Angelica Bass, Matt Young, and Grant Wheeler hover over a reverb drenched 808 beat. The song is an ode to the bad decisions made in the name of lust. “And you can stop / but you wont,” they tease on the glacial hook. And who doesn’t love a glockenspiel outro in their slow jams? Nobody. That’s who. The biggest problem is that you have to supply your own candles and red wine.

The whole EP (at 13 tracks, calling it an EP is maybe a little misleading) is definitely worth picking up. Body Language giddily blends neo-soul, disco, electro-funk, and a touch of indie for an infectious dance party of an album. The ambitious self-produced record bursts with brilliant production twists and giant harmonies. Songs like ‘Falling Out’ and ‘Social Studies’ are instant summer mixtape material. And Angelica’s vocals on ‘Holiday’ are about as joyful as it’s possible to be without betraying her cool. Body Language is music designed for the dance floor, but has the depth and hooks to still be stuck in your head long after the party’s over. Oh, and lots of glockenspiels.

– Contributor: Nathan Leigh