black yale students take a field trip to… cuba, get a taste of “revolution”

May 23, 2012

Director Robin J. Hayes is sharing his ‘Black and Cuba’ project with the Afro-punk community. Hayes says: “It shows how communities of color work together to overcome obstacles and create change.” “At Yale ten years ago, I started the journey of making ‘Black and Cuba’ with a vibrant, brilliant group of friends. Feeling like misfits at this elite institution, we banded together and adventured to Cuba to see how revolution lives. During our journey, we discovered how love will overcome racism and class. The film features [rarely seen archival footage of] Fidel Castro, Angela Davis, Ché Guevara, Fred Hampton and Assata Shakur.”
What do you guys think about the points they’re making? Does the Cuban revolution offer ideas communities of color could get inspiration from? Do you think they’re mistaken? Sound off.

“Black and Cuba Highlights the International Dimensions of a Radical Tradition”

Photo by Progressive Pupil

Yalies giving the Black Power salute – Photo by Bettman/Corbis