black witch: “okay, mr. illuminati: redux”

May 25, 2012

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you most likely saw my first (and only?) mention of secret societies on BW: “Okay, Mr. Illuminati” (Afro-Punk’s Version). I still think that is among one of my favorite posts. This is a revisit since I have heard so much since then since Beyonce gave birth (even if you’re not a fan or don’t even really like her, such as myself, you learn this stuff anyways whether you want to or not.), Nicki Minaj’s meh performance on the Grammys and just people passing along hearsay. I find it absolutely stunning, honestly stunning. We all saw Minaj’s performance and laughed at how the Illuminati would probably destroy whatever screen they were viewing if they A) saw the same or B) Saw “Stupid Hoe”. All my friends who are part of the occult and even a few who are part of societies such as Freemasons and O.T.O., an offshoot of Golden Dawn don’t spew any of this, and the people who I know that know absolutely nothing about the occult are the ones screaming about how the world is about to end and Illuminati Illuminati Illuminati. Actually, if the Illuminati saw the “Stupid Hoe” video, they would have probably have assumed it was a very colorful minstrel show. Yep, definitely that.

Words by Black Witch

I’m sure you have seen many different videos about this on the internet. A friend of mine had posted one about Kat Williams being punished by the Illuminati for “letting out its secrets” or something like that, as described by Professor Griff of Public Enemy. Let us watch, don’t forget your popcorn and snacks:

Let us review:

First and foremost, if you see a vid that says it has the “truth” in all caps and won’t tell you about what, it’s probably going to be a joke going in.

Illuminati Rituals: Mansion parties sound nice, a bit vain though so not my thing. Two guys kissing as an Illuminati Ritual? Wow, if that were true, then a small secret society from the 18th century is more progressive than over half of the U.S. states in the 21stcentury. Lol, I wish. Orrrrrr it could just be Prof. Griff’s homophobia shining through. It’s the latter, I bet. It was blowing Kat William’s mind because let’s face it, there’s no normal, lackadaisical way to get out of the awkward moment of walking in on a couple making out. No, “Oh hai, I was looking for the bathroom, is it on this floor or do I have to go back downstairs?” And the drugs, that would stun just about anyone. It’s not an Illuminati ritual, dude, it’s a coke head being a coke head.

Illuminati Global Police: Okay. Remove “Illuminati” and keep “global police” and you have a pretty basic depiction of America and its very centralist stance towards the world (“We’ll keep the order here folks, don’t worry. We’re America, we know what’s good for the world – it’s whatever’s good for us!”) What Williams described is the same stuff you’d hear if you listened to NPR, Democracy Now! or even Stephen Colbert. Add “Illuminati” and you might as well just say “’Foreign policy’? ‘Neo-colonialism’? ‘Imperialism’? What are these words?”

Williams being arrested: He’s a Black guy in America, this does happen pretty often. That and running into super sheisty people. Some people just bring drama with them that can ripple onto others, sounds like Williams just got hit with a wave. Nothing to do with Illuminati, just having crappy fortune.

Usually the videos are poorly done, with wack job editing – this one we all saw just had wack job reasoning – and have more fluff than a pillow factory. Usually the videos pick on the quirky and famous such as Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, etc etc etc. These videos fuel the imaginations of the paranoid and easily duped. However, it was kinda funny that one time when Lupe Fiasco called Mtv part of the Illuminati once in a tweet – all the while people were calling him part of the Illuminati. Illumin-ception!

What is remarkable is the stunning lack of facts that these videos spew and loosely link together. I ought to make it more of a habit but it is wise to ask people who cry wolf how do they know it’s Illuminati and what history of the Illuminati do they know to back up those facts. Usually it’s either more jibberish or they clam up quick as someone has hit the emergency brake on their lol’lercoster of lacked logic.

A small revisit from my favorite book
Watkin’s Dictionary of Magic

Illuminati: A term used by occultists from the late fifteenth century onwards to describe spiritual adepts who had received mystical insights or “illumination” from a transcendent source. The Order of the Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt, a Bavarian law professor, in 1776, but this was hardly esoteric in any mystical sense and based most of its “secrets” on the work of Voltaire and the French Encyclopedists. Weishaupt and another enthusiast, Baron Adolf Knigge. later adapted the order’s teachings in order to infiltrate Freemasonry. A decree in Bavaria in 1784 banned all secret societies – including Freemasonry – and the order declined. However, it was revived around the turn of the 20thcentury by the occultists Leopold Engel and Theodor Reuss. In recent times the idea of a secret brotherhood of adepts or Illuminati has been popularized by fantasy occult writer Robert Anton Wilson and New Age spokesman Stuart Wilde.

Alrightie then. I decided to look up Volitare and the French Encyclopedists. For some secret people, there are lots of Wikis and sites out on them and that’s just for basic information. There’s one for
Volitare, les
encyclopédistes (caution, it’s been flagged for missing citations so
here’s some stuff from University of Chicago and
another site to buy the books), and le (“la”?) Encyclopédie. You can springboard from that and go even deeper but that’s up to you, readers. I’m just throwing out the basics. You can look up Leopold and Theodor yourselves.

I have this very strong feeling that most people who rant on and on about Illuminati don’t know about these texts or even how the Illuminati got started. It’s already false that they are believed to be devil-worshippers, what other nonsense could be out there? I understand the need to have some understanding in this crazy world we’re living in but blaming normal things for abnormal stuff? Nah, man. People fear what they don’t understand, true fact, but what they’re fearing is more something within themselves than in the world. I can (and already have in the first post) explain away fame in the music industry in a way that makes perfect sense and not at all loony. Granted, Prof. Griff should have known better than what he said but just because you’re in the music industry doesn’t mean you’re 100% bright about it.

I honestly think that if people put this much energy into more proactive issues, such as investigating and bringing to light why Black culture has such a jaw dropping rape culture that supersedes even American culture’s obsession with it, the general fixing of the education system, so on and so forth, I feel that tons of positive change might have happened right now – or at least create less negative change. And less derpy videos.

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