belikos plays their final show 5/18

May 16, 2012

After five and a half years, genre-bending DIY group 
Belikos is playing their final show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 18th. The 
legendarily inked quintet will be playing with Game Rebellion, Pants Velour, and Shinobi Ninja.

For those who missed it, the split was announced in April on their Facebook page:

“We have decided that Belikos, at least for the time being, is closing up
shop. This decision has not been reached without great thought and
consideration on our parts, and has not been easy for us to accept
fully yet either. These past years have been the greatest of our
lives and we could never have achieved anything without your support.”

Belikos’ last record ‘The Live and Die EP’ from fall 2011 was an invigorating mix of punk, post-hardcore, dance, funk, and hip hop. The band has a surprising ability to deftly navigate from one genre to another not just song to song, but often within the span of a single verse. Standout tracks like ‘The Fuego’ achieve the rare feat of blending half a dozen disparate sounds in such a way that it’s hard to imagine them not fitting together perfectly. If the late Billy Mays were to put Quicksand, Fishbone, and Blackalicious in a juicer and then pour it straight into your ear, it would be a lot like Belikos. The bands energetic and ambitious live show was a standout at Afro-punk Fest 2010.

So if you’re a fan of awesome things, make sure you check out their final show. If you’re not a fan of awesome things, Michael Bublé probably has a show somewhere too.

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Nathan Leigh