visual artist jaszmine hawkins: “lips have their own personality”!

April 20, 2012

Today we’re sharing vibrant art by member Jaszmine Hawkins, who founded the ‘Alt Art’ group for visual artists on AP. Jaszmine is from New Jersey and likes to hang out in Brooklyn’s alternative scenes. She tells us: “The whole idea of having these characters with exaggerated lips started from my Mom’s obsession with lips, when I became an artist and started painting I realized that lips have their own personality, and having the absence of other facial features makes the onlooker create their own person and story.”
She also lived in New Orleans, which seemingly gave her a taste for bright colors. “While down there I started using these vibrant color schemes that I would see around town and add more of an NYC urban/alternative feel. I pretty much use colors to reel people in and then when they take time to really observe my work they can see the story or make up their own. I paint to bring people together; it’s not about race or what category you put yourself in,i n life it’s just about having a new perspective on life and the rollercoaster ride it takes you on.” Check her out! – L C-D