review/stream: dark angels x ‘hold to light’ featuring meshell ndegeocello

March 20, 2012

Two of Brooklyn’s extremely gifted musicians teamed up to kick some psychedelic, pop, rock ass, to continue the brutal attack of flavorful, experimental music with a six-track EP entitled ‘Hold to Light.’ Dark Angels are Deantoni Parks (also a drummer for The Mars Volta and half of dope elctro-pop band Kudu), and Nicci Kasper. The introduction of the extended project features Meshell Ndegeocello who speaks raunchy yet educational lyrics, and sets the bar for a special collaboration. Talk about Dark Angel’s extensive knowledge of special effects, production, percussion, and keys.—“Man of My Dreams” brings that stupid funk when it breaks down into a cool electronic version of Mims’ “This is Why I’m Hot” mid-way of the song’s flow. Deantoni Parks and Nicci Kasper also released a single that gave fans some funk with a Whitney Houston tribute and dope cover art to match.

Words by Cheeba Austin

If the person you’re dating isn’t into instrumentals, run the other direction. The deuce, ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’, brings a poetic touch with an upbeat melody. The use of an electronic piano with a lingering bass line creates an intimate, fast-moving love story. The title definitely correlates with the free-flowing movement of sounds. ‘Vivid Eidos’ is a track that immediately makes me want to get dolled up, hit the streets with my bud’s, and just experience the positive vibrations of life. “Vivid” for sure is an adjective that fits the song’s title.
‘Did He Have Passion’ is a heartbreaker that gets to you because of its short but sweet interlude you wish were longer, instead of a quick teaser. Nonetheless, artists that twirl you up to bring you back down from a good high deserves credit. That screaming guitar sound pulls your ear all the way in.
The New Yorkers wish to extend a few gifts to any fan of good music who’s willing to listen. A limited edition of t-shirts can be bought with the six-track EP by using the music player above. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to GLSEN: The Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network. “We are living in the shadows. We are Dark Angels,” says Parks and Kasper.

Their homage to the late Whitney Houston (free download):

* Cheeba Austin’s website