edgy or ghetto? is race a factor in people’s perception?

March 5, 2012

Are most Black girls with colored hair considered “ghetto” (in a negative way) while their white counterparts are considered edgy and cute? While it is true a lot of “ghetto” black females do like to color their hair is it such a pronounced thing that any other black woman who dyes their hair is grouped in with them.
Even if they are ghetto why should they be brought down for having dyed hair when so many people of other races are deemed so many positive things when they dye their hair the same way. Why do we have to crush the creativity of someone just because of their race?

Words by Jasmine

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now. I came across this post:

The girls in the post look more indie to me. Though I would really need to meet them to confirm this guess. There is more to ghetto than just looks most of it comes from an accent and behavior. So thinking someone is ghetto, trashy or some other word that you mean to sound negative with only their looks to go by is ridiculous. I dye my dreads different unnatural colors all the time. But I do not think i have run into anyone who thought I was ghetto because of it. And if they did my clothing, accent, and mannerism probably changed their minds.
I’ve seen white girls with this hair style and they did not end up being called “ghetto”

I think there are obvious differences in aesthetics between an alternative black woman and a “ghetto” black woman. With Goths, punks, and Lolita the difference tends to be really obvious. Though a ghetto aesthetic would have bright colors in their makeup, clothes and big or unique hair Which is in common with those sub cultures, they would have different ways of wearing that. The jewelry would be different, The shoes would be different (though there are some similarities between ghetto boots and Gothic boots). Goths can be separated by their black lace or fishnet shirts. Punks can be separated by their extreme Mohawks and and DIY band t-shirts. And well Lolita is never going to get confused with ghetto for obvious reasons.

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