new video: gordon voidwell “xo boyfriend” (whitney houston tribute)

February 17, 2012

“Tell your ex to get off my dick!” Maybe I’m a little twisted but I think that’s kind of romantic. Electro-maestro and dancing king Gordon Voidwell gives us his Whitney salute with the new video “XO Boyfriend”. Some would say it’s more of an homage, some would say it’s close to being a frame-by-frame of Houston’s “How Will I Know”. Sure, the video is all those things, but it’s well done and the song is a synthy jam about being uptight and nervous about love. Le sigh.

Words by Alexandria Gamlin

The video for “How Will I Know”, as we all remember, is a fun loving, super young Whitney jamming in a fun house with ballet dancers in black leotards. She has on that “wow-this-is-the-80s” bow on, she’s smiling about not knowing if a dude likes her or not, all while singing her teeth off! It was a video that cemented her as a diva sweetheart. I’m a fan of any video (really, anyTHING) with a sax solo and that video had two!

Guess who else liked that video a whole lot? Gordon Voidwell. When Gordon hits the first shoulder shimmy in the opening frame, and then smiles and spins in a fun house mirror– all you can think is “dang, he has practiced this.” Add in the exact silhouetted choreography, and a blue cloaked chorus you have a video just a fun but updated with bells and Gordon’s charming pipes. It’s great.

And because he switched that sax solo to a synth solo, I’m probably gonna be watching this video as many times as I did his Ivy League Circus video (which also had a bunch of Whitney video shoutouts!)

Props Gordon and RIP Whitney. Love doesn’t have to be so sad, as long as you’re cute about it!

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