tattoo of the week: peony flower in stormy ocean – strength & empowerment through trials

October 25, 2011

Today we’re featuring Ms. Mika Kenyah, CEO of promotion and model management company Sugar & Spikes. Mika told us about her killer tatts and what they mean to her. If you’d like your tattoo(s) to be our next feature, please email us at least 3 pics of yourself and your tattoo(s), and your answers to the questions below to .

Answer these mind bending questions:
Name: Mika Kenyah
Age: 27
City: Astoria (Queens)
Occupation: CEO of Sugar & Spikes, “Leading the movement in female empowerment through music and fashion”. Actress, Writer, Tattoo Model I have been featured in this month’s issue of Urban Ink Magazine where I get to chat about myself and company. Also, organizing the Miss Sugar & Spikes Tattoo Beauty pageant & Rock Show Nov 10th (click here for info).

How many tattoos do you have? Four

Which one is your favorite? The big one on my left lower part of my arm…it is large and wraps around my wrist going all the way up to my elbow. It is a peony flower blossoming in the middle of a stormy ocean with lightning striking it.
When and where did you get it? I got it last month while filming for the reality show, NY INK (The Learning Channel) World Reknown Artist, Tim Hendricks did my tattoo. It is my favorite because Tim captured what I wanted just by listening to my story and what I wanted my tattoo convey.

What does it mean to you? The peony flower in the stormy ocean tattoo symbolizes for me the obstacles I have endured in my life… that no matter what trials/tribulations come my way, I will always remain as beautiful and strong as a blossoming flower. It also means a lot because it reminds me of how strong I have become as a woman who embraces her individuality and sexuality. The tattoo means empowerment to me and it serves as a reminder to be an example and leader to other young women struggling with today’s issues. Domestic abuse is an issue that touches close to my heart and I now work to create awareness and funding for domestic abuse charities. This is a main reason why I started my company, Sugar & Spikes, to empower young women… especially in the alternative scene.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 18. It is a bitten cherry that had frosting! LOL. White tends to fade on brown skin after some time anyway. I wanted a tattoo to represent how sweet of a person I was. My first thought was strawberry but I didn’t like the seeds on the outside look then I thought a peach looked like a butt… I settled on a cherry. Not very thought out on what the other connotations it might have. I wouldn’t cover it though… it is a time in my life that marks an era.

Why should we feature your tattoo? Surprisingly many people think color tattoos don’t show well on people of color. For starters, I’d like to prove them all wrong! Overall, I want to share my story behind my tattoos in hopes to inspire others going through tough times in their lives. My half sleeve on my right arm is a peacock phoenix flying through clouds and Peruvian Lillies. It represents my grandmother who passed away and how she is soaring over me all the time… and her spirit lives on, never dying.

Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to? I like trying new artists each time, as long as they are reputable. I like to see the different artists interpretations. I must admit Tim Hendricks, NY Ink currently on Wooster Street, downtown Manhattan is amazing and he was a great conversationalist while he was tattooing!

Have you ever received a tattoo under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Once… I attended a Tequila and Tattoo party. I got these tats on my wrists and the lines are all crooked… it makes sense because tequilla can make you all loosey goosey and bad news when you need to sit still!

Do you regret any tattoos you have? No! Each one of my tats has a great story behind them…bad and good!

Are you a tattoo addict?I like to think of myself as a tattoo lover, an admirer…I get the itch now and then but you’ll never see me selling household items in the alley to pay for more tats!