tattoo of the week: feminity, unity, power of egyptians goddesses

October 17, 2011

AP member Amanda Tea hails from Chicago and she’s into digital art, drawing, photography, modeling… Turns out she also has a badass tattoo on her upper back. Amanda tells us about that and more in the little Q&A below. If you’d like your tattoo(s) to be our next feature, please email us at least 3 pics of yourself and your tattoo(s), and your answers to the questions below to .

Answer these mind bending questions:

-Name: Amanda Tea
-Age: 22
-City Chicago
-Occupation: Freelance Model & Right now a customer service phone operator
-How many tattoos do you have? Only three
-Which one is your favorite? The big one on my upper back

-When and where did you get it? May 2010

-What does it mean to you? A lot. The symbol has always been attractive to me even when I was young. I sought out to find out what it meant years before getting it as a tattoo and spoke with an Egyptologist about it . To me the tattoo represents femininity, unity, power, and especially protection. I love all the symbolism found within ancient cultures and of course Egypt has a lot of representation of deities and different meanings for a wide variety of things. More info about the tattoo can be found looking up Egyptian goddesses Wadjet & Nekhbet. It’s also known as the winged-sun disc and part of it is the Uraeus symbol.
-How old were you when you got your first tattoo? 17. The triple goddess only my lower back was my first tattoo. I’m hoping to get it touched up/added onto soon.

-Why should we feature your tattoo? If you want to. Not forcing you to but I wanted to somehow contribute even though I don’t have as many awesome tattoos to show off.

-Do you have a particular tattoo artist you go to? Yes, so far my favorite tatoo artist has been oms out of Revolution Tattoo Studio. It’s a little ways from my home but he does great work. I’m always looking for great tattoo artists to go to, but this guy is way up on my list of someone whom I’d recommend.

-Have you ever received a tattoo under the influence of drugs or alcohol? nah
-Do you regret any tattoos you have? My 3rd tattoo is on my ankle. I wouldn’t say I regret it but i regret getting it put there. it hurt like a bitch and half the time no one can tell its even there.

-Are you a tattoo addict? I think once you get that first one, you always want more if you can stand the pain.