tattoo of the week: the writing’s on the… forearm

September 5, 2011

Today we’re featuring AP member, artist Fanesha Fabre. She told us: “I have a total of 7 tattoos and to me tattoos are a rite of passage, a memory, a reminder. They are also a form of self expression, you’re telling the world that you don’t care to be different or to stand out, FOREVER. I actually want a whole sleeve but I am working towards that. :D”
Keep sending us your images to – send at least 3 pictures and explain what your tattoo(s) is (are) about, what they mean to you. Gentlemen, you are welcome to submit, too.

Fanesha about her tats:

“1. Back of neck I have the word “Queen” written in Arabic

2.Lower back I have the year of the dog symbol in japanese

3. Inside left ankle was my first tattoo and I made that one myself, its the ying yang.

4.inside my right wrist is chinese word for aries

5. left bicep is an aztec influenced tattoo designed by an old friend of mine

6. left forearm my parents initials in arabic

7. and my most recent tattoo is the one on the inside of my right forearm, its a quote about the Phoenix bird “Like the mighty phoenix, i rise once again from the flames set to destroy me and take flight”