diy fashion: make your own spiked knucklebuster ring

September 7, 2011

I own too much jewelry. I have it in all corners of my apartment and I rarely wear any of it. A few days ago, I spotted a ring I made last year on boyfriend’s dresser that he stole. Lord knows how long he had it. And just like the good pack rat I am, I took it away from him, felt bad, and then decided to make him one of his own. I got the idea from this Luv Aj ring. It’s no longer sold in stores but I decided to share the DIY steps with all you.

Tutorial by Candy Fraser

(got my screws from – the best prices in the industry)

1) Wrap the wire around your finger 5 to 6 times while leaving a little wiggle room to fit the screws.
2) Screw the spikes into the middle of the wires.

3) While holding the wires, wrap the end of the wire close to the screw so that they don’t fall out.
Cut another piece of wire and wrap it on the end of the other screw. And voila!

I love these rings. No one messes with me when I wear them. Mission accomplished!

Candy Fraser’s DIY fashion blog: